Your Marketing A-Team Is Ready For Action

What’s possible when a successful CMO, a forward-thinking CTO and a winning copywriter coordinate their talents around your brand?

Meet Your Strategic Marketing Team


Travis Houston will be your Strategic Marketing Officer, guiding your brand on an exquisitely structured mission to execute your top three marketing priorities based on your current market position and where you want to be in one year. Experiencing his refined process will streamline all your future marketing efforts. Travis is credited for massively elevating profitability for brands including Amy Myers MD, Natalie Jill Fitness, Dr. Daniel Amen, Gary Goldstein, Greg Reid, JJ Virgin, Less Brown, Calton Nutrition and Modern Luxury Magazine to name a few.  



Oliver Waller, your Strategic Technology Officer, will walk you step-by-step through building, connecting and tracking all the technology from your opt-in pages to your CRM, to your payment processor so that you have measurable funnels and the know-how to easily replicate them when you’re ready for more. Oliver has been the tech wizard behind the curtain for The Learning Annex, Real Estate Wealth Expo, Traffic Geyser, Instant Customer, Mike Koenigs, Adam Corolla, JJ Virgin, Mindshare, IEEE and more.


Joy, the creator of Conscious Copy Converts, will guide you to connect through empathy, engage by providing value, and sell with soul to create a community of happy customers that are brand evangelists. She'll provide proven copy templates and help you customize communications so that you can enjoy high conversion rates just like her clients Sunwarrior, Dr. Sara Gottfried, The Biofield Healing Institute, Dr. Daniel Amen, JJ Virgin, Sonima, Jai Institute of Parenting, Nutrience, and many others including cover-model and workout sensation Natalie Jill.

Add a fractional CMO, CTO and Conscious Copywriter to your team for one affordable monthly fee.

How Your Top 3 Marketing Priorities Are Revealed

We’ll take you through our Quarterly Marketing Scorecard to harvest profitable ideas from every area of the business. (You’d be shocked at how many winning ideas originate from customer service since they’re in daily communication with customers!)


We’ll show you how to evaluate these opportunities based on 5 key factors that have been vetted in over a decade of work with our clients.  


Finally, we’ll help you prioritize the order to launch each of the three initiatives that best aligns with your current goals.  


The remainder of the profitable ideas stay in the ‘parking lot’ so that you can execute on those opportunities after you’ve mastered the measurable marketing skills you’ll develop while your top 3 top priorities are being launched with the Strategic Marketing Team.

To Accomplish This All In Just 6 Months You'll Have:

Strategic Marketing Onboarding Call:​

All-Hands-On-Deck call, meaning you and any of your team members that will be responsible for executing your top 3 priorities will join in the conversation. 

A One-Hour Call With Travis Every Other Week:​

Work one-on-one with your fractional CMO to extract and refine the top 3 priorities and keep progress consistent with your bigger vision while keeping balance between work and life.  

Monthly 1-on-1 Calls With Oliver:

This is the time to work out any kinks in your tech flow with your fractional CTO and get guidance on what to consider adding or restructuring to lower costs and raise efficiency.

Monthly 1-on-1 Calls With Joy:​

Connect accurately with your prospects, buyers, and mavens through constant upgrades in your copy. This woman won’t let you rest until your message to market match is perfect AND profitable.

Weekly Open Office Hours

This is open Q&A and a time to get added support from your Strategic Marketing Team. We keep our schedules and our brains open to provide any extra attention you might need from 1pm to 3pm on Fridays. 

Here's An Outline Of What You'll Be Supported In Accomplishing


You’ll have completed the foundational documents one week prior to this first live 90-minute online meeting where we will reveal findings from your brand’s Competition Telepathy, Brand Diagnostics and Offer Ladder Assessment. We’ll select dates for our calls and prepare you for the Strategic Alignment session.


Travis and you, the brand leader, create a rough draft for the next year of marketing for your brand and get aligned behind the top three marketing priorities. Using his Quarterly Scored method, you will set the priority for implementation. You’ll also review your company Org Chart to evaluate the most efficient distribution of tasks.


Joy will work with you to adjust your avatars and empathy maps based on learnings from Competition Telepathy and Brand Diagnostics. She’ll adjust your brand's character diamonds to ensure copy has a consistent flavor. She will also give you templates for the copy you’ll need to have competed by your next call with Oliver.


Travis works with you to chart the execution of all three marketing initiatives over a 6 month period on a the Projected Timeline, which gives  a visual reference for progress. Together, you’ll review your current tech stack (the tools and platforms you're currently using to market and sell) to evaluate for any adjustments that might save money, team time or create a more seamless user experience.  


Travis will have reviewed your tech stack with Oliver so that he can help you look at potential changes if you need any. Once your tech stack is solid, Oliver will deliver the first templated funnel and guide you through the process of customizing your copy with a look that aligns with your Brand Style Guide. 


This is another all-hands-on-deck call that gives everyone the chance to communicate hurdles so we can overcome them. We'll prep for the soft launch and select the traffic strategy for the first marketing initiative. You’ll also get feedback from your Strategic Marketing Team on all aspects of the project from the copy to the technical flow. Plus, we’ll show you how to track stats on the Weekly Marketing Spreadsheet. Game on!


With the initial marketing initiative done and tested on a soft launch, Travis guides you through the process of expanding traffic sources. You’ll also examine how the process went with the disbursement of duties to check for gaps in time and cost effectiveness. Then you’ll confirm priorities for the second marketing initiative so the full plan stays on target to be completed on time. 


With the first marketing initiative in full swing, it's time for Joy to support you in making ongoing refinements to your split tests so that you can consistently raise your conversion rates. She’ll also want to see your Fulfillment Sequences to make sure the brand is on track to engage buyers, collect their feedback and endear them further to your brand. Since you’ll be on to the next funnel right away, she’ll also set you up with templates for your next initiative.


Oliver will examine your metrics to help you ensure your data is being correctly captured and make suggestions for improvement. He’ll also set you up with the templates for the next marketing initiative and guide you through building out the next funnel or promotion.


We repeat the process until all three marketing initiatives have been built, tested, launched and optimized.  The final step is to string all of these initiatives together in a way that delivers specific, separate communications to engaged and unengaged clients. This is crucial, but we’ll explain more as the process continues.

Become A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

by mastering the seven stages of selling efficiently. 


Attraction happens from how you and your brand show up in the world. You might shine through live interactions, conventional or social media, your site, and how others brag about you. 


Now that you've been noticed, you get to welcome the world to join you. Modern marketing technologies give you endless ways of bringing an audience into connected conversations with you. 


Now that people have been welcomed into your world, keep their interest and attention by resonating with where they are now and reveal what's possible when they engage with your brand. 


Getting to know people makes clear the ways you can best serve them. That's why segmenting based on which of your brand's offers are most likely to fill their wants and needs is so important.


By now, you know them well enough to make a highly customized invitation to the offer most in alignment with their current wants and needs. Don't be shy. Ask for the sale! Provide the solution. 


While you're delivering on the offer they chose, what else might you offer them to support them on their journey even more? Let them know there's more help available by making more offers. 


How did they do? How did you do? Both the wins and losses on both sides will reveal opportunities for growing the relationship and your profits. This is where metrics are a MUST. 



Your fractional CMO, CTO and copywriter are ready to create predictable profits from measurable marketing for your brand!

Discover What's Possible For Your Business During This Call With Travis Houston.

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn While We Work Together

  • How to get organized and efficient to save time, stop frustration and simplify delegating tasks as you grow.

  • How to position your brand in ways that meet your audience's needs at every stage on their journey.

  • How to plan the year, prioritize actions in each quarter and track progress week over week so you develop confidence and consistency.

  • How to build simple funnels and send communication while tracking their success so you feel empowered instead of trapped by technology.

  • How to create copy that feels like you, connects you to your audience and converts prospect to buyers so that your business becomes a true reflection of you.

  • How to orchestrate and execute it all and still ENJOY LIFE!​

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Discover what’s possible when a successful CMO, a forward-thinking CTO and a winning copywriter coordinate their talents around your brand.

Strategic Marketing Team

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